Alps Alpine

In-house ICs now available starting with a high-sensitivity capacitive sensor IC

Alps Alpine announced the commencement of external sales of ICs, formerly designed and developed only for internal use of in-house manufactured products, under the company's brand.

Semiconductors | 04-03-2024

Touchless input solution employs high-sensitivity capacitive sensing technology

Alps Alpine has started sales of an AirInput product supporting touchless and touch input based on original high-sensitivity capacitive sensing technology. Capacitive touch panels

Industrial | 30-11-2023

Automotive motors magnetic sensor lineup expanded

Alps Alpine has added two new products to its magnetic sensor portfolio to support the continued electrification of vehicles. These devices build on the company's track record in t

Test & Measurement | 10-10-2022

Waterproof pressure sensor with high chemical resistance available now

Alps Alpine has extended its pressure sensor lineup with a new waterproof pressure sensor that maintains existing water resistance performance whilst also being highly resistant to

Test & Measurement | 20-09-2022

Automotive compact detector switch lineup extended

Alps Alpine has created the SSCZ compact detector switch, extending its switch series lineup for open/shut detection in car doors and other automotive parts. Failure detection func

Automotive & Transport | 31-03-2022

High-accuracy vehicle positioning to within 50cm without correction data

Alps Alpine and Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. have jointly produced the UMSZ6 Series GNSS1 Module realising high-accuracy positioning to within 50cm without correction data, claimed to

Automotive & Transport | 07-12-2021

Hands-off detection ECU for autonomous driving assistance systems

Alps Alpine has a developed an ECU for hands-off detection to aid autonomous driving systems by identifying between variations in a driver’s grip on the steering wheel. To accommod

Automotive & Transport | 22-07-2021

Ambient air sensor module useful for COVID-19 prevention

Alps Alpine has a developed an Ambient Air Sensor Module to achieve high accuracy sensing of CO2 concentrations, temperature and humidity in the direct surroundings. The module cou

Test & Measurement | 01-07-2021

Compact and high-linearity sensor ideal for stylus pens in smartphones

Alps Alpine has launched a new model in its HSFPAR Series of force sensors. Mass production of the company's smallest Force Sensor began in June 2020. The company developed and com

Test & Measurement | 16-07-2020