Automotive motors magnetic sensor lineup expanded

10-10-2022 | Alps Alpine | Test & Measurement

Alps Alpine has added two new products to its magnetic sensor portfolio to support the continued electrification of vehicles. These devices build on the company's track record in the automotive market in steering angle detection and electronic shifters.

Redundancy design is increasingly a necessity for automobile driving systems as the world looks to embrace driving assistance and autonomous vehicles. Employing multiple sensors was once the typical way of realising redundancy to provide systems function safely even when a fault occurs. In recent years, smaller systems more often mean fewer parts and, therefore, greater demand for angle sensors that fulfil redundancy by delivering two output signals from a single product.

The company’s new magnetic sensors have a built-in amp to support size reductions and fulfil redundancy design requirements with single-ended high output of 3Vpp. The dual-die1 model satisfies the necessities for a full redundancy design and can be provided as a single product. Anticipated for use in automotive motors, magnetic sensors can be employed to create conditions resilient against outside magnetic disturbance. This is because they function well in high-temperature environments up to 150C and achieve strong magnetic field resistance of 120mT by applying original thin-film technology.


By Seb Springall