Sam Brown

Nvidia announced its latest open platform called Omniverse

Recently, Nvidia announced its latest open platform called Omniverse, allowing for virtual collaboration and accurate real-time simulations for training. What challenges does moder


Smart bandage provides data on healing wounds

Recently, researchers from the University of Glasgow developed a new type of bandage that can determine how well a wound is healing and transmit this information to an app. What ch


Researchers develop seaweed-like generators to take advantage of ocean forces

Recently, researchers demonstrated a new undersea energy generator that looks like seaweed and can be used to power marine devices. What challenges do ocean-based devices present,


AI and Regulation – What engineers need to watch out for

In the last decade, AI has undergone leaps and bounds and now finds itself in many daily applications, including website traffic management, advertisement, and predictive maintenan

AI | 18-10-2021

NHS and Police may share data – A major mistake

Recent evidence has come to light that the NHS may be required to share patient data with the police to fight against criminal activity. Why is privacy in data becoming an increasi

Privacy | 14-10-2021

Researchers demonstrate carbon fibre resistivity depends on the orientation

Recently, researchers from the University of Illinois have demonstrated how the resistance of carbon fibre varies on its orientation, thereby helping researchers better understand


Undersea power cable to connect the UK and Morocco – What challenges do undersea cables face?

A new solar and wind farm will be built in Morocco to provide to the UK, and the two will be connected via an undersea cable. What challenges does laying cables in the sea present,


EU Announces Plans to Standardise Power Connectors

Recently, the European Commission announced its plans to standardise power connectors for charged devices to reduce e-waste. Why is unification good for the electronics industry, w

Environment | 05-10-2021

Facebook Smart Glasses – A cause for privacy concern

Recently, Facebook unveiled its Smart Glasses that enabled wearers to listen to music and take photos, but concerns are surrounding users’ privacy and those around them. What hardw

Privacy | 04-10-2021