Sam Brown

Researchers develop yarn that can detect temperature and generate power

Recently, researchers from the UK and Netherlands developed yarn to generate power, detect temperature differences, and measure strain. What challenges do wearable sensors face, ho


A new method for creating highly efficient gates in semiconductor wafers

Recently, researchers have developed a method for creating gates in FET transistors by adding the gate layer during wafer production. What challenges do small transistors present,

Semiconductors | 07-09-2021

The Lipid-FET – How researchers developed a molecule-sensing FET

Researchers from Korea have recently developed a new FET that can detect molecules with a high degree of sensitivity and work with concentrated solid solutions. What challenges doe


Apple looking for RISC-V designers – A move away from ARM?

Recently, Apple made job postings asking for engineers with RISC-V experience. What challenges does NVIDIA present to ARM, what is Apple’s history with ARM, and why could it be loo

RISC-V | 06-09-2021

Chip shortage could last until 2023

The global chip shortage has sent shockwaves through all industries, which may not be resolved until 2023. What caused this crisis, how are current chip stockpiles looking, and cou


Researchers develop a recyclable wearable electronic device

Recently, researchers from China developed a fully functional smartwatch that can be easily dissolved to recycle and reuse the electronic components used. What challenges does e-wa

Wearables | 06-09-2021

Memory cell developed that combined optoelectronics with resistive memory

Recently, researchers from Taiwan developed a memory cell that combined optoelectronics with resistive memory. What challenges does current memory technologies face, what did the r


Digital twin created of all buildings in the US for environmental research

Recently, researchers in the US developed a digital twin of all buildings in the US to help develop energy solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. What is a digital twin, how did the re

Environment | 01-09-2021

Open Compute Project look towards silicon packaging & AI systems

Recently, the Open Compute Project announced that it would look towards developing open-source silicon packaging and AI systems. What is the Open Compute Project, what did it annou

AI | 01-09-2021