Industrial PCAP kits for Raspberry Pi

20-09-2023 | Inelcohunter | Industrial

Inelco Hunter offers an extended range of capacitive touch screen kit options for the Raspberry Pi: Three display sizes of 5", 7" and 10.1". Fully assembled with a Raspberry Pi or in kit form to add your own Pi and a rugged industrial case option for the 10.1" screen.

The display kits will realise the potential of the Raspberry Pi, turning it into a powerful, industrial-rated system with little effort, delivering huge time-savings by speeding up installation and cutting development time.

The potential commercial uses are huge and encompass many applications, e.g., industrial automation, machine tool control systems, building control, medical devices, security, home technology, IoT products, communication systems, payment terminals, etc.

The kits come pre-assembled to take the Raspberry Pi, which is mounted onto the rear of the interface PCB using the supplied pillars and screws. The displays can be either panel or flush mounted and provide a resolution up to WXGA with the 10.1" screen.

Inelco Hunter director David Bushnell commented: "The industrial grade screens supplied with the kits have high-grade metrics, providing a reliable, quality solution. The kits are available from stock in all three screen sizes."

Connection is through an onboard HDMI interface PCB, which supplies all power, signal and backlight conversion for the TFT display. A 12VDC 2A power input supplies the display and the Pi.

The multi-touch input PCAP touch screens can be USB or I2C connected, with a wide angle of view IPS displays and high resolutions. For example, 1280 x 800 pixels with the 10.1" screens. The 10.1" screen dimensions are 255mm x 174mm x 9mm (including the touch panel), and the screen view area is 218mm x 137mm.

The kits comprise a touch screen display, an HDMI to LVDS interface PCB (pre-assembled), an HDMI to HDMI interface cable, a Micro USB to USB interface cable, plus 4 x M2.5 Screws and Pillars to mount the Raspberry Pi.

The optional rugged case for the 10.1" display is constructed from steel and aluminium, powder coated in one of three standard colours: black, grey or white. Other RAL colours can be specified, subject to a small minimum order.

The Raspberry Pi connections exit to the rear of the case. The case can be flush-mounted into a surface utilising the four supplied side clamps. Alternatively, the case can be rear-mounted – the result is a stylish option when the rear of the display is not encased within the final product.

By Seb Springall