Connectors supply the highest quality across all industries

13-03-2023 | ODU Connectors | Industrial

The ODU Group, as a leading connector supplier, pursues a constant quality strategy that encloses all stages of the development and production processes and all company divisions. In this context, they apply a special emphasis on the control and optimisation of its products, suppliers, and customer service. It is a learning company established on open and constructive communication that provides maximum quality awareness and a high capacity for innovation.

Environmental protection has a high priority at the company, committing to continuously improving its environmental services, controlling environmental pollution and employing natural resources sparingly. Its modern production facilities ensure manufacturing processes are as environmentally friendly and resource‐saving as possible across all phases. It is certified as sustainable in accordance with the 14001 environmental standard.

At its recent annual press briefing, ODU management announced growth of 15% in 2022 to over €280m – a new record turnover. The company is looking ahead with confidence and optimism for 2023, having started well, but it remains cautious about spending money. One reason for being confident is due to the huge extra capacity that has been produced in recent months. In Mühldorf, the existing site is now completely utilised with two new buildings erected. At the second European production site in Romania, the production area was expanded by 30% through an extension. Further investments in Mexico for the North American market and also a little in China rounded-off a huge investment programme. "Now areas like the Mühldorf canteen are bursting at the seams!" says managing director Kurt Woelfl.

The customers the company works with are in very strong markets. The medical market is an example of this. As well as numerous connectors, many of which were specifically created precisely according to customer demands, it also now produces more and more complete systems, including cables, in every conceivable shape and design.

"Just as the customer needs it," emphasises Denis Giba, managing director and sales manager. "These customised customer total solutions are what make ODU what it is, what we enjoy. To keep it that way, the task is to inspire our demanding customers, who then become loyal business partners to ODU for many, many years. That's what drives ODU and that's what ODU is sticking to. Even if, as now, there are a few additional uncertainties in the markets."

By Seb Springall