Accelerating real-time digitisation solutions

17-11-2022 | Congatec | Boards

congatec has introduced its new ecosystem for TSN targeting networked factories and critical infrastructures. The objective of TSN's comprehensive edge computing platform portfolio is to make it as easy for real-time solution providers to build time-sensitive networks for smart factory and critical infrastructure operators as deploying standard Ethernet infrastructures. Such completely connected solutions require secure real-time gateway technologies to connect the brownfield and real-time clouds – synchronised via TSN for myriad real-time services. The company's solution platforms are prepared for reliable, low-latency communication at the edge. They include real-time hypervisor support for deterministic and secure data processing and data exchange between the devices and real-time clouds in harsh industrial environments. Typical applications of the new ecosystem cover industrial manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, aerospace, transportation and logistics, government, and public safety.

"All the various real-time connected industries must support high-bandwidth and low-latency communication from the devices to the real-time clouds and back again. Providers of such end-to-end solutions need highly homogeneous solution platforms along these data supply chains, from the edge servers of the network infrastructure to the distributed and mobile devices, to make implementation as easy as possible. congatec provides everything needed for such all-encompassing solution platforms – including all interface options to connect the distributed equipment and its peripherals and I/Os via 100Base-T1," explains Christian Eder, director Product Management at congatec.

The company's new TSN-enabled edge computing ecosystem spans the entire range of the latest CoMs supporting even real-time-enabled 5G cellular connectivity for real-time 5G clients and gateways and server-grade real-time cloud and base station SoMs. All those modules are TSN-enabled, support Real-Time Hypervisor technology and are prepared to host any third-party real-time-enabled cellular 5G connectivity. OEMs can use these platforms to deploy their real-time applications in pre-configured real-time virtual machines, focusing all attention on the development of the application instead of needing to be concerned with the specific settings required to allow the hardware to communicate through TSN. For local wired infrastructures between servers and clients, TSN-enabled smart switching platforms are also available. Personal integration support and training programs on implementing IEEE 802.1 Qbv-compliant TSN clock synchronisation and time-triggered communication round off the company's TSN ecosystem offering.


By Seb Springall