Software Generates a Planar Transformer Design in Only Five Minutes

28-10-2022 | Power Integrations | Industrial

Power Integrations has released a new function in PI Expert, the online design tool that automatically generates optimised power supply designs based on the users' specifications. It now offers a planar magnetics builder generating an application-specific planar transformer designImage, complete with PCB manufacturer-ready documentation and Gerber files. The latest version of the software now also incorporates support for the company's entire InnoSwitch3 flyback switcher IC family.

Trevor Hiatt, director of channel marketing at Power Integrations, said: "Planar transformers facilitate low-profile flyback power supplies. With our new planar magnetics builder, designers can incorporate a sophisticated low-profile transformer in minutes. No other design tool can do this."

The magnetics designer function offers full planar transformer information incorporating stack specification, vertical and horizontal PCB construction, trace parameters, current density information and layer resistance. The tool automatically includes user-specified creepage and clearance distances required to satisfy safety isolation standards. An intuitive GUI supplies vertical and horizontal stack construction and a bird's eye view for all layers. The tool also outputs detailed manufacturing information of the planar solution, allowing users to go directly from design to fabrication.

The tool offers a comprehensive database of planar cores and components to ease design and can also obtain custom core geometries. It automatically optimises the planar transformer design to match the power supply specification, including extra winding layers and adjusting trace geometries as applicable.


By Seb Springall