NTC thermistors and RTDs for renewable energy applications

12-08-2022 | Littelfuse | Subs & Systems

Littelfuse provides a wide range of NTC thermistors, RTDs, and probes and assemblies, to satisfy the unique temperature sensing needs of renewable energy systems.

Based on their fast thermal response, long-term stability, and cost effectiveness, NTC thermistors are the most common sensors utilised for a extensive variety of temperature measurement and control applications.

RTDs, which feature a nearly linear relationship between its body temperature and resistance value, exactly measure a very wide range of temperatures, particularly on the high side, and are excellent for extreme environmental conditions or where accuracy is critical.

Modifications to standard designs are offered including adding connectors or changing wire size or length, and providing special R-T curves, R-T curve matching, and custom lead forming and bending to discrete thermistors.

Typical application areas include battery energy storage systems, battery fuel gauges, geothermal, hydrogen fuel cell sensors, solar inverters, solar panels products, and customisable options.

By Seb Springall