Exact-fit diagnostic tester with remote functionality

12-07-2021 | Vector | Automotive & Transport

With version 8 of the vehicle diagnostic tester Indigo, Vector provides new possibilities to individualise and optimise remote diagnostics. With the new Plugin Installer Concept and the SDK, the user customises the functionality. Also, remote diagnostics with the tester provides a comprehensive safety concept with additional optimised Vector Online Services, with no restrictions on ease of use.

The intuitive vehicle diagnostic tester can be customised and expanded as needed without any knowledge of diagnostic protocols. This makes it simple to integrate into an existing customer-specific development process. With the new version, users benefit from a Plugin Installer Concept that aids in installing individual extensions. In addition to the installation, an Indigo user plug-in is provided, which can be installed without administrator rights and extends its functionally. These adaptations to individual user needs are implemented by Vector on request.

Users can now also immediately extend functionality on a smaller scale themselves using the Indigo SDK. This enables the implementation of own use case diagnostic windows and access to the entire range of functions of the Vector Diagnostic Scripting libraries.

With the new version, remote diagnostics becomes even more user-friendly with optimisations of the Vector Online Services. In a web portal, the user creates an account that can be used for all Vector remote diagnostic and flash tools. Notwithstanding a comprehensive security concept, remote diagnostics is very simple to use; the connection setup is almost as fast as a direct local connection.

By Natasha Shek