Expanded BMS portfolio enables continuous battery monitoring

04-06-2021 | Analog Devices | Automotive Technologies

Analog Devices has expanded its portfolio of battery management system (BMS) products, including ASIL-D functional safety and new low-power features to facilitate continuous battery monitoring. These new devices further distinguish its BMS platform that provides what is claimed to be the industry’s best-proven accuracy and supports all key battery chemistries, including zero-Cobalt LFP (lithium iron phosphate), for mass-market EVs and ESS utilised for reuse and recycling of battery packs.

The company's newest BMS products support multiple battery cell configurations and produce innovative low-power features that allow the battery to be monitored continuously even when the vehicle is switched off to assure safety under all conditions while maximising vehicle range.

“Collaborating with Analog Devices has allowed us to scale our electric vehicle range to meet increasingly strict regulations and the growing demands of today’s EV owners,” said Zhu Jun, general manager of New Energy Business at SAIC. “These new BMS solutions will enable us to advance our commitment to safety and at the same time continue to make EVs accessible for mass-market consumers.”

“Our customers have come to rely on ADI as the performance leader for BMS, especially as they are challenged to scale their EV fleets and stay ahead of new market requirements,” said Patrick Morgan, vice president of Automotive at Analog Devices. “Our latest BMS products not only enable new features such as continuous battery monitoring but also support battery recycling and reuse in energy storage systems to support the circular economy.”

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