Powerful charging station controller for all DC charging functions

25-02-2021 | Vector | Automotive Technologies

The new Vector vSECC charging station controller is a charge control unit for the DC fast charging market, which delivers all communication and control functions in the charging station. This future-proof solution facilitates developers and manufacturers of smart DC charging stations to control and monitor the charging process with only one device. The controller manages both the communication with the vehicle and back end and the management of the power electronics.

The vSECC (Supply Equipment Communication Controller) charging station controller is a charge control unit that manages the complete charging communication to electric vehicles. With the controller, developers receive one single device that takes over the communication of the charging station with the vehicle and the back end and the control of the power electronics by CAN or Ethernet.

Through the CAN and Ethernet interfaces, the device can control and monitor the power electronics in the charging stations needed for DC charging. This provides developers and manufacturers of charging equipment and facilities freedom in the choice of power electronics. Also, they can address all functions – incorporating the essential electrical safety features such as securing and monitoring vehicle contact.

Manufacturers of power electronics in the renewable energy sector, such as photovoltaics, also profit from this charging station controller. Because on the foundation of today's technology, the controller makes it simple to implement a DC charge point.

The controller can be quickly and simply installed in any DC charging station with little effort. The company is also working on a compact version (L/W/H: 114.5mm x 27mm x 99mm) to satisfy the increasing demand for small DC charging stations with a charging connection for private and commercial garages and parking lots.

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