Highly flexible UV curable adhesive meets ISO 10993-5 standard for cytotoxicity

30-11-2020 | Masterbond | Subs & Systems

Master Bond UV15X-6Med-2LV is a UV curable, non-cytotoxic adhesive featuring optical clarity and abrasion resistance. Not only can it be employed for bonding, but it can also be used for sealing, coating and encapsulating purposes. It offers a high degree of flexibility with an elongation that surpasses 100% and a low tensile modulus of 20,000-50,000psi at room temperature. This flexibility enables it to withstand severe thermal cycling and mechanical shock without causing stress on components/parts. It bonds well to both similar and dissimilar substrates including glass, metals and plastics.

The adhesive is a one-part system that cures upon exposure to a UV light source emitting at a wavelength of 320nm to 365nm with an energy output as low as 20-40milliwatts/cm2. It can cure in as little as ten to 30 seconds, and sections up to quarter-inch. A successful curing process entails total exposure to the UV light source, on this basis, there should be no shadows or UV blocking agents in the substrates employed. As a one-part system, it needs no mixing before use. This compound has a medium viscosity of 20,000-40,000cps and is not oxygen inhibited. It is electrically insulative with a volume resistivity of more than 1012Ohm-cm at room temperature. The adhesive offers a refractive index of 1.50. It is serviceable across the temperature range of -80F to +250F.

As the adhesive meets the ISO 10993-5 certification, it can be employed in medical device manufacturing applications where this necessity is vital. It has good resistance to cleaning agents, water, e-beam, ethylene oxide and gamma radiation. The packaging is offered in syringes, half-pint, pint, quart and gallon sizes.

By Natasha Shek