Evaluation boards give efficient demonstration and evaluation of RS-485 transceivers

07-09-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices EVAL-ADM286xEEBZ Evaluation Boards provide simplified, efficient demonstration and evaluation of the ADM286xE 5.7kVrms Signal and Power Isolated RS-485 Transceivers. The transceivers highlight an integrated, low EMI, isolated DC-to-DC converter, which eradicates the necessity for an external isolated power supply. The isolation barrier provides immunity to system-level EMC standards. This family of isolator devices provides ±12kV contact and ±15kV air IEC61000-4-2 ESD protection on the RS-485 A, B, Y, and Z pins. These devices also feature cable invert pins, enabling the user to quickly correct reversed cable connection on the A, B, Y, and Z bus pins while maintaining full receiver fail-safe performance.

The Evaluation Boards include an onboard ADP7104 LDO regulator, which accepts an input voltage of 3.3V to 20V and regulates the voltage to a selectable 3.3V or 5V supply for the VCC pin of the ADM286xE. The LDO regulator can be bypassed to power the VCC pin of the ADM2867E directly.

The board is supplied with options to evaluate the ADM2867E in an individual system. Digital and RS-485 bus signals are available via the screw terminal blocks on the eval board. Each digital input can be configured through the onboard jumper options.

Alternative methods can give the transmit data input (TxD) signal to the device. An optional LTC6900 oscillator is incorporated on the board and can be configured to offer a clock signal as the TxD digital input within a 1kHz to 20MHz range. For optimal signal integrity, the onboard SMA connector is able to be connected to an external TxD signal at data rates up to 25Mbps.

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