Complete system leveraging audio bus technology

09-09-2020 | Analog Devices | Subs & Systems

Analog Devices has introduced a complete audio system that offers the SHARC Audio Module (SAM) for the production of digital audio devices, including audio FX processors, MIDI synthesisers, multi-channel audio systems, and other DSP-based audio systems.

SAM incorporates the dual-SHARC+ core ADSP-SC589 audio processor SoC (with an integrated Arm Cortex-A5 core) and leverages the company's A2B audio bus technology. As well as the main SHARC audio module board, the company provides daughter boards to give added functionality to the main board and extend the audio system. The Audio Project Fin board mates straight to the main board, giving MIDI input/output as well as pushbuttons and potentiometers to alter audio effects. The A2B Amplifier Module provides two high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers to output digital audio data received over the twisted-wire pair A2B bus from PDM microphones and/or serial TDM sources on the main board (or another connected A2B node).

This full audio system produces high-fidelity multichannel digital audio with low and deterministic latency to a fully synchronised distributed audio system. The system is excellent for fast prototyping, demonstrations, evaluation projects, and educational applications. It allows users to achieve a shorter time to market with a 'ready to go' prototype system that gives a comprehensive hardware and software solution.

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