Demo circuit for amplifier is ideal for LiDAR receiver

07-07-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Linear Technology/Analog Devices DC2900A Demo Circuit for the LTC6561 is a 16-channel analog LiDAR receiver chain highlighting the LTC6561 transimpedance amplifier.

This transimpedance amplifier offers 74kOhm transimpedance gain and 30µA linear input current range. The amplifier's fast overload recovery makes it ideal for LiDAR receivers.

The demo circuit offers FirstSensor's 16-channel 400nm to 1100nm wavelength sensitive APD array sensor. This sensor serves four LTC6561s for current to voltage conversion and amplification. The demo circuit AC-coupled output is designed to demonstrate time-domain measurements into 50Ohm systems.

The APDs are DC coupled to the TIAs inputs to expedite fast channel switching and output multiplexing.

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