Circuit evaluation board for targeting condition-based monitoring applications

03-07-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices CN-0532 Circuit Evaluation Board is a reference design for an IEPE-compatible interface for wideband MEMS accelerometer sensors, aimed at condition-based monitoring applications. The board is based on the ADXL1002 ±50g MEMS Accelerometer and employs the AD8541 CMOS Single Rail-to-Rail Amplifier as a zero gain buffer.

Condition-based monitoring is a form of predictive maintenance that employs sensors to evaluate the status of equipment overtime while the equipment is running. The collected sensor data can confirm baseline trends, diagnose, or even predict failure. Employing CbM, maintenance is achieved when required as opposed to the regular periodic preventive maintenance model, conserving both time and money.

This reference design allows a direct piezoelectric sensor IEPE replacement with advantages of high bandwidth, ultra-low noise MEMS accelerometers. This circuit enables users to simply evaluate the use of a MEMS accelerometer for CbM applications.

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