Evaluation board provides support circuitry to operate VGA modes and configurations

13-03-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices ADL6317-EVALZ Evaluation Board offers the support circuitry needed to operate the ADL6317 in various modes and configurations.

The Transmit Variable Gain Amplifier offers an interface from radio frequency DAC, transceivers, and systems on a chip to power amplifiers. The board needs a single, 5V power supply. The onboard balun allows single-ended driving. The device operates across a 1.5GHz to 3GHz frequency range. RF outputs are offered on the board at the RF_OUT SMA connectors, which can drive a load of 50Ohm.

The device has two signal path modes, which enables two predefined modes of operation to be controlled by the logic level on TXEN, a real-time external pin with no SPI latency.

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