Toughened, urethane-based epoxy system satisfies USP Class VI specifications

07-01-2020 | Masterbond | Subs & Systems

Master Bond EP30DPBFMed is a two-part, flexibilized epoxy-urethane hybrid system for bonding, coating, sealing, and encapsulation. It is formed for disposable and reusable medical devices, satisfying USP Class VI requirements while also complying with RoHS3 in accordance with the EU directive 2015/863/EU. The product is resistant to thermal cycling and sterilisation, enduring exposure to gamma radiation, e-beam, EtO, as well as other liquid sterilants.

Its low viscosity of 3,000cps to 6,000cps for Part A, and 200cps to 500cps for Part B, makes it easily pourable and excellent for potting and casting. The system has a long working life of 60 to 90 minutes per 100g mass at 75F and features a low exotherm during the curing process. The system contains no solvents or diluents.

Due to the addition of a urethane-based flexibilizer, the system provides both a higher abrasion resistance and a higher elongation in comparison to a typical epoxy system. At room temperature, it offers an elongation at break of 20% to 40%, and Shore D hardness of 30 to 50. It is beneficial in applications where low stress is essential, due to its low modulus value. This compound is electrically insulative with a volume resistivity greater than 1014Ohm-cm. The system is serviceable over a extensive temperature range from cryogenic 4K to 250F.

This formulation is provided for employment in a variety of standard packaging options ranging in size from ounce kits to gallon kits. Speciality packaging in premixed and frozen syringes and gun applicators with double-barrel cartridges are also available.

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