Low-power 6U VME SBC enhances computing in data and event-driven rugged applications

04-10-2017 | Aitech | Subs & Systems

Aitech Defense Systems offers a new rugged 6U VME single board computer (SBC) that brings the powerful QorIQ T1042, or higher performance T2081, multi-core processor to embedded systems, significantly increasing previous generation computing capabilities. The C114 is backward compatible with Aitech’s popular earlier generation PPC-based C106 and C108 boards, while incorporating the NXP Secure Boot and Trust 2.0 Architecture for improved data security.

Out-of-the-box functionality enables the C114 to be easily integrated into a wide number of applications, including advanced fire control, SatComms processing and multi-gimbal platform stabilization as well as avionics mission management and flight control, servo, process and machine control, and more.

Emil Kheyfets, director, Defense and Aerospace Product Management of Aitech, noted “With the large, diverse install base of VME, we need ways to utilize existing systems as well as incorporate upgraded electronics that meet the demands of today’s applications. Providing backward-compatible SBCs that can also keep pace with the growing data requirements, and provide a longer program lifecycle, preserves that infrastructure, while moving the industry forward.”

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