Two-axis joystick ideal for embedded or digital systems requiring proportional control

02-03-2017 | Digikey | Subs & Systems

With a two-axis joystick on a centre button, a trigger button, and a programmable RGB LED capable of 24-bit color, the Digilent Pmod JSTK2 is ideally suited for embedded or digital systems that require proportional control from the user, such as robotic applications. The device is available now from Digi-Key.

The joystick’s two potentiometers are oriented orthogonally to one another and manipulated by moving the it in the X and Y directions. As the joystick moves, the voltage output at the sweep pin of each potentiometer changes and is measured by the 10-bit ADC present on the embedded PIC16F1618 microcontroller. The raw measured data is stored at a rate of 100Hz as a 16-bit right-justified variable in RAM with the upper 6bits masked with zeros.

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