Collaboration satisfies the memory requirements of 5G technology

13-10-2020 | X-FAB | New Technologies

X-FAB Silicon Foundries together with Attopsemi, innovator of I-fuse OTP IP solutions have entered into a collaboration to fulfil the memory needs of 5G technology. The companies have successfully the I-fuse OTP memory in relation to X-FAB’s XR013 open-platform foundry 130nm RF-SOI technology. This qualification enables customers to profit from the inclusion of a compact (<0.2mm2 surface area) and robust OTP block into the core XR013 technology module, but with no requirement for further or custom processing. Read operation is achievable at both 2.5V and 1.8V for MIPI compatibility.

“We’re very excited about the prospect of our I-fuse IP now being qualified for incorporation into the X-FAB XR013 process,” said Shine Chung, chairman of Attopsemi. “We’re very pleased that our OTP was chosen by X-FAB’s customers for 5G applications. Thanks to the high reliability, high quality and fully testable IP, our I-fuse has been proven to meet X-FAB’s stringent demands in their advanced processes.”

“Close collaboration with Attopsemi has created a cost-effective OTP memory solution for our customers using XR013,” Dr Greg U’Ren, director of RF Technology at X-FAB, added. “This will be pivotal in enabling our customers to increase their on-chip functionality, giving them a strong foundation for further innovation and allowing the requirements of different geographic locations to be attended to.”

By Natasha Shek