Texas Instruments

Compact ultra-low RON dual-channel load switch with controlled turn on

The TPS22968 is a compact new ultra-low RON dual-channel load switch with controlled turn on from Texas Instruments (TI). The TPS22968 is available in a small, space-saving pac

Products | 10-02-2015

New generation general-purpose low-power operational amplifiers

Introduced as a new generation of general-purpose, low-power operational amplifiers, the Texas Instruments (TI) OPA316 family of single, dual, and quad op amps suits a wide variety

Products | 09-02-2015

High-performance differential amp for RF, IF, or high-speed time-domain applications

The Texas Instruments (TI) LMH5401 is a high-performance, differential amplifier optimized for radio frequency (RF), intermediate frequency (IF), or high-speed, DC-coupled, time-

Products | 06-02-2015

Low-power quad-channel 2/2 digital isolator protects sensitive circuitry

The ISO734x low-power quad-channel 2/2 digital isolator from Texas Instruments (TI) provides galvanic isolation up to 3000Vrms for one minute as per UL and 4242 VPK per VDE. T

Products | 05-02-2015

Compact fuel gauging and charging control for single-cell Li-Ion battery packs

Ideal for space-constrained applications, the Texas Instruments (TI) bq27532-G1 system-side microcontroller peripheral management unit that provides Impedance track fuel gauging

Products | 04-02-2015

Latest nano modules set to redefine small power supply design

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced four new Simple Switcher nano power modules that redefine power supply design for space-constrained applications. The 17V and 5V modules featu

Products | 03-02-2015

Precision delta-sigma modulator is highly resistant to magnetic interference

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the AMC1305, a precision, delta-sigma (?S) modulator with the output separated from the input circuitry by a capacitive double isolation bar

Products | 02-02-2015

Texas Instruments – Optimized serial interface miniature micro-power SAR ADC

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the ADS8339, a 16-bit, 250kSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device operates with a 2.25V to 5.5V external reference and includes a c

Products | 30-01-2015

Boost converter features pin-selectable output voltages and bypass mode

A versatile boost converter with pin selectable output voltages and an integrated bypass mode, the TPS61291 is now available from Texas Instruments (TI). In bypass operation,

Products | 29-01-2015

Full-duplex transceivers with robust 3.3V drivers and receivers

Expanding its RS-485 portfolio, Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a new family of full-duplex transceivers with robust 3.3V drivers and receivers and high levels of ESD prote

Products | 28-01-2015

High-accuracy digital humidity sensor integrates temperature sensor

Designed to provide exceptional measurement accuracy at very low power, Texas Instruments (TI) has developed the HDC1008 digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature senso

Products | 27-01-2015

Flexible haptic control of ERM and LRA actuators over a shared I2C-compatible bus

Designed to provide highly-flexible haptic control of ERM and LRA actuators over a shared I2C-compatible bus, the DRV2605 has been released by Texas Instruments (TI). Saving bot

Products | 26-01-2015

Quick and easy low-cost control of three-phase motors

Developers can control three-phase motors in minutes with the new ultra-low-cost C2000 Piccolo F2806x InstaSPIN-MOTION LaunchPad development kit from Texas Instruments (TI). It

Products | 23-01-2015

Four and eight-channel integrated data acquisition systems based 16-bit SAR ADCs

The ADS8684 and ADS8688 are 4- and 8-channel, integrated data acquisition systems based on a 16-bit successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC), operating at

Products | 22-01-2015