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inexpensive evaluation platform speeds motor control designs

The Texas Instruments (TI) InstaSPIN-MOTION (and InstaSPIN-FOC) enabled C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad is an inexpensive evaluation platform designed to help users quickly enter the wor

Products | 20-03-2015

NexFET power MOSFET minimises losses in power-conversion applications

Designed to minimize losses in power-conversion applications, the Texas Instruments (TI) CSD19536KCS is a 100V, 2.3mohm, TO-220 NexFET power MOSFET. The RoHS-compliant avalanche-

Products | 19-03-2015

Highest-power wide Vin four-switch buck-boost DC-DC controller reduces EMI

A new wide VIN, four-switch buck-boost controller that achieves high power efficiency with reduced EMI, the LM5175 has been introduced by Texas Instruments (TI). The device mana

Products | 18-03-2015

Plug-in daughter card simplifies digital power control design

The Texas Instruments (TI) BoosterPack is a plug-in daughter card for the C2000 Piccolo TMS320F28069M LaunchPad development kit that makes it easy to understand digital power devel

Design & Manufacture | 17-03-2015

First 80V half-bridge GaN FET module

Introduced as the industry’s first, an 80V, 10A integrated gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistor (FET) power-stage prototype has been unveiled by Texas Instruments (TI). T

Products | 16-03-2015

Connect and communicate with a highly-integrated industrial single-chip drive

Allowing developers to differentiate and optimize motor control industrial system design - the AM437x Texas Instruments (TI) IDK (industrial development kit) aids in the evaluation

Products | 13-03-2015

First zero standby power PSR for high-power AC/DC supplies

Introduced as the industry’s first, a new zero standby power controller chipset with the lowest standby power consumption for AC/DC fly-back power supplies up to 75W, the UCC28730

Products | 12-03-2015

First 65V synchronous step-down converter with Fly-Buck capability

Introduced as the industry’s first 65V synchronous step-down converter that provides isolated bias supplies up to 15W, without the need for an opto-coupler, Texas Instruments (TI)

Products | 11-03-2015

Audio ADCs combine professional performance with portable integration

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a new family of six high-performance audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Featuring a dynamic range as high as 110dB, the devices in the

Products | 10-03-2015

Power management IC designed to support the AM437x Sitara processor

The Texas Instruments' (TI) TPS65218 is a single-chip power management IC specifically designed to support the AM437x line of the Sitara processor in both portable (Li-Ion batter

Products | 09-03-2015

KeyStone SoCs for next-generation fixed and portable comms solutions

Texas Instruments (TI) and LGS Innovations have collaborated on LGS’s next-generation of deployable communications and wireless solutions that are both fixed and portable. By leve

Products | 06-03-2015

Device allows Ethernet connectivity in the harshest environments

As the number of applications requiring Ethernet connectivity continues to increase application requirements continue to change. In response, Texas Instruments (TI) has designed

Products | 05-03-2015

Repeater enables I2C and similar bus systems to be extended without degradation

The Texas Instruments (TI) TCA9509 integrated circuit is an I2C bus/SMBus repeater for use in I2C/SMBus systems. The device can also provide bidirectional voltage-level translat

Products | 04-03-2015

Device modulates the amplitude, direction and/or phase of incoming light

Featuring over four million micromirrors, the high-resolution Texas Instruments (TI) DLP90000.9 WQXGA digital micromirror device (DMD) is a spatial light modulator (SLM) that mod

Products | 03-03-2015