Highest-power wide Vin four-switch buck-boost DC-DC controller reduces EMI

18-03-2015 | Texas Instruments | Power

A new wide VIN, four-switch buck-boost controller that achieves high power efficiency with reduced EMI, the LM5175 has been introduced by Texas Instruments (TI).

The device manages input voltages from 3.5V to 42V and regulates output voltages from 0.8V to 55V. This flexibility enables the controller to deliver high-performance designs for industrial and automotive applications such as industrial PCs, USB power delivery, in-vehicle wireless charging, LED lighting, electric vehicles, battery charging and telecom RF power amplifiers.

Highest power conversion performance - The LM5175 flexible DC-DC controller addresses a wide variety of buck, boost, and buck-boost applications from output power of a few Watts to greater than 100W using a single device. A proprietary switching scheme maximizes efficiency in the buck-boost transition region and uses a single inductor to further reduce board space. The LM5175’s robust gate drive (2A at 7.5 V) enables wide VIN MOSFETs to switch faster and more efficiently. Optional hiccup mode short-circuit protection prevents thermal runaway during extended load current faults, reducing thermal stress by up to 30 percent.

Key features :
1 - Synchronous buck or boost controller meets the needs of a wide range of buck-boost DC/DC converter applications.
2 - 42-VIN operation with 60Vin absolute max withstands wide voltage transients.
3 - Single inductor design reduces board space and simplifies layout.
4 - Optional input or output average current limiting addresses applications requiring a regulated current from the input supply or to the load.

Together with award-winning WEBENCH online design tools, the LM5175 offers engineers the opportunity to get their industrial and automotive applications to market faster, says the company.

Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), Charlotte, North Carolina, March 16-18, Booth 1001.

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