Fully-integrated analog front-end for ultrasonic sensing measurements

24-03-2015 | Texas Instruments | Test & Measurement

The Texas Instruments (TI) TDC1000 is a fully-integrated analog front-end
(AFE) for ultrasonic sensing measurements of level, fluid
identification/concentration, flow, and proximity/ distance applications
common in automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer markets. When
paired with a TI MSP430/C2000 MCU, power, wireless, and source code, the
company can provide the complete ultrasonic sensing solution.

TI's Ultrasonic AFE offers programmability and flexibility to accommodate a
wide-range of applications and end equipment. The TDC1000 can be configured
for multiple transmit pulses and frequencies, gain, and signal thresholds
for use with a wide-range of transducer frequencies (31.25kHz to 4MHz) and
Q-factors. Similarly, the programmability of the receive path allows
ultrasonic waves to be detected over a wider range of distances / tank sizes
and through various mediums.

Selecting different modes of operation, the TDC1000 can be optimized for low
power consumption, making it ideal for battery powered flow meters, level
instrumentation, and distance/proximity measurements. The low-noise
amplifiers and comparators provide extremely low jitter, enabling picosecond
resolution and accuracy for zero and low flow measurements, says the

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