Texas Instruments

Micropower comparator with integrated reference pin and open-drain output

The Texas Instruments TLV3011-Q1 is a low-power, open-drain output comparator; the TLV3012 -Q1 is a push-pull output comparator. These devices provide an uncommitted on-chip voltag

Power | 25-04-2023

Auto LED and OLED driver effectively drives pixel-controlled lighting applications

With the growing demand for animation in automotive lighting, LEDs must be controlled independently. Thus, LED drivers with digital interfaces are crucial to drive pixel-controlled

Automotive & Transport | 18-04-2023

MCU with industrial communications and security up to 800MHz

Texas Instruments AM243x is an extension of Sitara’s industrial-grade portfolio into a high-performance MCU. The device is created for industrial applications, including motor driv

Semiconductors | 21-02-2023

Isolated switch for high-voltage automotive and industrial applications

The Texas Instruments TPSI2140-Q1 is an isolated solid-state relay developed for high-voltage automotive and industrial applications. It utilises the company's high-reliability cap

Power | 15-02-2023

Isolated DC-DC module provides power to IGBT or SiC gate drivers

The Texas Instruments UCC14240-Q1 is an automotive-qualified high isolation voltage DC-DC power module created to supply power to IGBT or SiC gate drivers. The device combines a tr

Power | 08-02-2023

Reinforced isolated window comparator with adjustable threshold and latch function

The Texas Instruments AMC23C12 is an isolated window comparator with a short response time. The open-drain output is detached from the input circuitry by an isolation barrier highl

Power | 01-02-2023

Piezo transducer driver for ultrasonic cleaning has a wide supply voltage

The Texas Instruments DRV2901 is a high-performance lens cleaner transducer driver. This system only needs a simple passive LC demodulation filter to provide high-quality, high-eff

Power | 24-01-2023

Fault-protected dual 2:1 multiplexer with latch-up immunity and 1.8V logic

The Texas Instruments TMUX7436F is a CMOS analog multiplexer with latch-up immunity in a dual channel, 2:1 configuration. The device functions well with dual supplies (±5V to ±22V)

Power | 29-11-2022

Arm application processors meet the needs of modern industry 4.0 processing

Texas Instruments AM654x and AM652x Sitara processors are Arm applications processors created to satisfy the complex processing demands of modern industry 4.0 embedded products. Th

Semiconductors | 08-11-2022

Wireless MCU for use in wireless battery management systems

The Texas Instruments SimpleLink 2.4GHz CC2662R-Q1 device is an AEC-Q100 compliant wireless MCU aimed at wireless automotive applications. The device is optimised for low-power wir

Semiconductors | 03-11-2022

Easy to use and highly efficient synchronous buck converter

The Texas Instruments TPS56C231 is a small, high-efficiency, synchronous buck converter with an adaptive on-time D-CAP3 control mode. As external compensation is not needed, the de

Power | 07-09-2022

New family of high-efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC converters

The Texas Instruments TPS62851x is a family of pin-to-pin 0.5A, 1A, 2A (continuous), and 3A (peak) high efficiency, easy-to-use, synchronous step-down DC-DC converters. They are ba

Power | 23-08-2022

Low power audio ADC is ideal for space-constrained audio systems

The Texas Instruments PCM6120-Q1 is a Burr-Brown high-performance, audio ADC that supports simultaneous sampling of up to two analog channels or four digital channels for the PDM m

Automotive & Transport | 11-08-2022

High-efficiency step-down converter in a compact package

The Texas Instruments TPS62A0x family of devices are synchronous step-down buck DC-DC converters that are optimised for high efficiency and compact solution size. The devices combi

Power | 09-08-2022