Automotive programmable-delay supervisory circuit has ultra-low quiescent current

12-02-2024 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments TPS3808E-Q1 family of MCU supervisory circuits monitors system voltages from 0.4V to 5V, asserting an open-drain RESET signal when the SENSE voltage falls below a preset threshold or when the manual reset (MR) pin falls to a logic low. The RESET output remains low for the user-adjustable delay time after the SENSE voltage and MR return above the respective thresholds.

The device utilises a precision reference to attain 0.5% threshold accuracy. The reset delay time can be set to 20ms by disconnecting the CT pin, 300ms by connecting the CT pin to VDD utilising a resistor, or user-adjusted between 1.25ms and 10s by connecting the CT pin to an external capacitor. The device has a very low typical quiescent current of 0.6µA and is developed for battery-powered applications.

The device is available in the SOT-23-6 and is fully specified over a temperature range of –40C to 125C (TJ).


By Seb Springall

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