Automotive mixed-signal MCUs with CAN-FD interface

13-05-2024 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments MSPM0G350x MCUs are part of the MSP highly integrated, ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU family based on the enhanced Arm Cortex-M0+ 32-bit core platform operating at up to 80MHz frequency. These cost-optimised MCUs deliver high-performance analog peripheral integration, support extended temperature ranges from -40C to 125C, and operate with supply voltages ranging from 1.62V to 3.6V.

The devices provide up to 128KB embedded flash program memory with built-in ECC and up to 32KB SRAM with hardware parity option. These MCUs also include a memory protection unit, seven-channel DMA, math accelerator, and various high-performance analog peripherals such as two 12-bit 4Msps ADCs, configurable internal shared voltage reference, one 12-bit 1Msps DAC, three high-speed comparators with built-in reference DACs, two zero-drift zero-crossover op-amps with programmable gain, and one general-purpose amplifier. These devices also offer intelligent digital peripherals such as two 16-bit advanced control timers, five general-purpose timers (with one 16-bit general-purpose timer for QEI interface, two 16-bit general-purpose timers for STANDBY mode, and one 32-bit general-purpose timer), two windowed-watchdog timers, and one RTC with alarm and calendar modes. These devices provide data integrity and encryption peripherals (AES, CRC, TRNG) and enhanced communication interfaces (four UART, two I2C, two SPI, and CAN 2.0/FD).

The MSPM0 family of low-power MCUs comprises devices with varying degrees of analog and digital integration that enable customers to find the MCU that meets project needs. This MCU platform combines the Arm Cortex-M0+ platform with a holistic ultra-low-power system architecture, allowing system designers to improve performance while lowering energy consumption.

The MCUs are supported by an extensive hardware and software ecosystem with reference designs and code examples to get the design started quickly. Development kits are available for purchase, including a LaunchPad development kit. TI also provides a free MSP SDK, which is available as a component of Code Composer Studio IDE desktop and cloud version within the TI Resource Explorer. The MCUs are also supported by extensive online collateral, training with MSP Academy, and online support through the TI E2E support forums.


By Seb Springall

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