World's first SMD inrush current limiter

TDK Corporation has developed the J404, the world's first surface-mountable ICL based on PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology. Designed for DC voltages of up to 500V a

Power | 06-11-2023

Technology-based position sensor with analog output and SENT interface

TDK Corporation has expanded its Micronas direct-angle Hall-effect sensor family portfolio with the new HAL 3927 sensor for automotive and industrial applications. The sensor featu

Semiconductors | 23-10-2023

Power sink option for PPS enables fast down-programming under no-load conditions

TDK Corporation has introduced a Power Sink (PSINK) option to the 1.7kW and 3.4kW models of the TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of high-power density programmable DC power supplies. Cap

Power | 05-10-2023

Ten component sample kit available for TVS diodes

TDK Corporation has introduced a sample kit (B74999T9999M099) comprising ten different ultra-compact TVS diodes. Five of them belong to the general-purpose GP series, which protect

Power | 03-10-2023

Rugged SMT NTC sensor for surface temperature measurement

TDK Corporation now offers the new T850 SMT NTC sensor (B57850T0103*) for measuring surface temperatures. It integrates high humidity resistance with fast response time due to exce

Test & Measurement | 29-09-2023

Mechanically decoupled ultrasonic modules for collision avoidance

TDK Corporation offers the ultrasonic sensor module USSM1.0 PLUS-FS, where the sensor element is mechanically decoupled from the housing. This makes the IP65/67 protected sensor (B

Test & Measurement | 22-09-2023

Development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping

TDK Corporation offers a new development starter kit for fast haptics prototyping. It provides mechanical designers and engineers with first impressions of the haptic feedback with

Industrial | 13-09-2023

PPS series extended in 2U and 3U high packages

TDK Corporation has introduced 15kW and 22.5kW scalable power systems to the TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of high-power density programmable DC power supplies. With 2U or 3U heights,

Power | 11-09-2023

New ultra-compact snap-in capacitors with extremely high capacitance density

TDK Corporation has released its new EPCOS B43657* aluminium electrolytic capacitor series with snap-in terminals. The capacitors attain a service life of at least 2000h at a maxim

Power | 14-08-2023

Two new piezo actuators expand portfolio

TDK Corporation offers two new piezo actuators made of RoHS-compatible lead zirconate titanate (PZT) with an internal copper electrode. COM30S5 (B58004M4030A020) and COM45S5 (B5800

Industrial | 25-07-2023

Next-generation HVC series can reliably switch off continuous DC currents

TDK Corporation offers the HVC27 (B88269X*), its new generation of HVCs that can safely and reliably switch off continuous DC currents of 300A to 500A and operating DC voltages of

Power | 20-07-2023

1/16th brick footprint DC-DC buck converter series expanded

TDK Corporation has expanded the TDK-Lambda i7A series of non-isolated buck DC-DC converters with the industry-standard 1/16th brick pinout. The 60A output models offer a 400W maxi

Power | 18-07-2023

1U DC power supply series for test and development of EVs

TDK Corporation has introduced two new models to the 5kW TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of high-power density programmable DC power supplies. This expansion gives engineers incremental

Power | 19-06-2023

Buck-boost non-isolated DC-DC converters offer wide range input and outputs

TDK Corporation has introduced the 300W-rated TDK-Lambda RGC series of ruggedised, non-isolated DC-DC converters. With an input voltage of 9V to 53V, these buck-boost converters pr

Power | 02-05-2023