Hall-effect position sensor family for high-speed e-motor applications

TDK Corporation has introduced the Micronas fast 2D Hall-effect position sensor family HAL 302x, meeting the demand for stray-field robust motor position sensing and ISO 26262-comp

Test & Measurement | 25-04-2023

Next-gen embedded motor controller family for SoC BDC and BLDC

TDK Corporation expands its Micronas embedded motor controller portfolio with the first members of the new HVC 5x family of programmable SoC motor controllers for driving small ste

Semiconductors | 21-04-2023

New range of EMC high-current filters with exceptional attenuation characteristics

TDK Corporation has introduced its B84143C*S250/S251 series the new EPCOS three-line EMC filters for converter applications with high currents. Depending on the type, they are inte

Power | 14-04-2023

High stability and vibration-tolerant digital MEMS gyroscope for dynamic applications

TDK Corporation has released Tronics GYPRO4300, a high stability and vibration-tolerant digital MEMS gyroscope serving dynamic applications. This gyro provides a ±300°/s input meas

Test & Measurement | 06-04-2023

Compact high-current chokes for automotive and industrial applications

TDK Corporation offers the new B82559A*A033 series of shielded EPCOS ERU33 high-current chokes for through-hole mounting. Created for very high saturation currents from 32A to 83A

Passives | 28-03-2023

Wide range of inductors for industrial SPE

TDK Corporation has produced a series of inductors for Industrial SPE based on the IEEE 802.3cg standard for 10BASE-T1L. The suppression of asymmetrical interference is especially

Passives | 24-03-2023

High-performance digital MEMS accelerometer sensors released

TDK Corporation has added two new products to the Tronics AXO300 accelerometers platform. After the production launch in 2020 of the ±14g AXO315 accelerometer for high-performance

Test & Measurement | 21-02-2023

1200W full-brick DC-DC converters offer 94% efficiency

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda PH1200A280 full-brick DC-DC converters for usage with HVDC input voltages from 200VDC to 425VDC. This further extends the PH-A280 seri

Power | 10-02-2023

AC/DC power factor correction module offers up to 1512W in full brick package

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda brand PF1500B-360 full brick power module, able to provide up to 1512W. The power supply provides a 0.98 power factor and supplies a r

Power | 30-01-2023

Extremely compact safety class S2 motor-run capacitors

TDK Corporation has announced its new B33331I6* series of compact EPCOS motor-run capacitors that comply with safety class S2 and the IEC 60335-2-24 standard, which will be availab

Passives | 26-01-2023

Compact external AC/DC power adapters for medical and industrial applications

TDK Corporation has added the TDK-Lambda brand DTM70 and DTM160 series to the DTM family of compact medical and industrial AC/DC power adapters. They are available in multiple powe

Power | 17-01-2023

True wireless stereo applications achieved with a new solution suite

TDK Corporation has extended its solution-focused offerings by revealing the InvenSense VibeSense360 TWS solution suite. VibeSense360 is a complete portfolio of TDK solutions compo

Test & Measurement | 13-01-2023

Thermally stable industrial IMU for tilt and stabilisation applications

TDK Corporation has expanded the InvenSense SmartIndustrial sensor platform family. With its support for an extended temperature range of -40C to 105C, this new six-axis IMU is aim

Test & Measurement | 12-01-2023

MEMS microphones and plug and play development platform now available

TDK Corporation now offers the InvenSense T5838 and T5837 MEMS microphones and the SmartSound One Development Platform. These MEMS microphones push the boundaries of microphone aco

Test & Measurement | 11-01-2023