Rohde & Schwarz

Enabling the next level of ADAS with test and measurement solutions

At Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2023 in Stuttgart, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrate various cutting-edge test solutions that support automotive applications. With test solutions d

Test & Measurement | 13-06-2023

Collaboration brings together electronic and photonic technologies

For several years, Rohde & Schwarz and the IEMN team under Prof Guillaume Ducournau have researched high-frequency measurements and the integration of Rohde & Schwarz test

Test & Measurement | 02-06-2023

Boost for phase noise analysis and VCO measurements portfolio

Rohde & Schwarz offers improved performance for phase noise analysis and VCO measurements. This high-end R&S FSWP phase noise analyser and VCO tester, as well as signal and

Test & Measurement | 23-01-2023

Collaboration automates and speeds up EMC tests under real driving conditions

AVL and Rohde & Schwarz present an innovative solution for automated EMC data analysis of an electric drivetrain under real driving conditions. The electrification of vehicles

Test & Measurement | 28-11-2022

Enhanced RF wideband power measurement sensor family

The new R&S NRPxxP family from Rohde & Schwarz has sensors with a measurement bandwidth of up to 30MHz, a new, improved design and an expanded frequency range. The three-mo

Test & Measurement | 18-11-2022

Signal and spectrum analysers extend frequency up to 50GHz

The Rohde & Schwarz R&S FSV is created to help users set up complex measurements in the simplest and quickest way possible. With its easy usability, high measurement speed

Test & Measurement | 15-09-2022

Showcasing revolutionary security scanning solutions for advanced people screening

Rohde & Schwarz are showcasing its R&S QPS product family at the annual International Security Expo, that includes the R&S QPS201 and R&S QPS Walk2000 security scan

Test & Measurement | 13-09-2022

O-RAN conformance certification for international markets

Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI Solutions, Inc. have announced support for Auray OTIC and Security Lab in the process of awarding O-RAN conformance certification for international ma

Test & Measurement | 19-08-2022

Lighthouse project to advance 6G in Germany

While 5G is still being rolled out in Germany, the BMBF has already begun plans to shape and implement 6G. The new lighthouse project 6G-ANNA (6G Access, Network of Networks and Au

New Technologies | 02-08-2022

On-wafer device characterisation test solution available now

Rohde & Schwarz now provides a test solution for full RF performance characterisation of the DUT on-wafer, which combines the powerful R&S ZNA vector network analyser from

Test & Measurement | 21-07-2022

Fast and accurate EMI test receiver bandwidth extended to 1GHz

To assist EMC engineers in meeting the growing demand for higher measurement speeds, Rohde & Schwarz introduces a unique wideband solution that can measure up to 970MHz in real

Test & Measurement | 15-07-2022

Vector network analyser family addresses applications in the mmWave range

Rohde & Schwarz offers new models and options to the R&S ZNB vector network analyser family to manage applications in the mmWave range, including 5G at FR2 frequencies and

Test & Measurement | 27-06-2022

High-performance oscilloscope for even better signal integrity in real-time

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the new generation of R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscopes, which integrate high-class signal integrity measurements with the quickest poss

Test & Measurement | 10-06-2022

Improved signal and spectrum analyser with new enhanced dynamic front end

With the new Enhanced Dynamic Front End, the Rohde & Schwarz R&S FSW will continue to deliver the most advanced and highest quality signal and spectrum analysis. EVM measur

Test & Measurement | 21-04-2022