Improved signal and spectrum analyser with new enhanced dynamic front end

21-04-2022 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

With the new Enhanced Dynamic Front End, the Rohde & Schwarz R&S FSW will continue to deliver the most advanced and highest quality signal and spectrum analysis. EVM measurements are presently in high demand for 5G base station and component development at FR2 frequencies and high-frequency satellite applications. The latest updates to the modified front end of the device and the microwave hardware optimised for frequencies above 26GHz deliver superb accuracy.

The device has continuously evolved since its release, and the solution has since been the signal and spectrum analyser of choice for the most demanding measurements. With frequency, bandwidth, sensitivity, modulation, and streaming necessities becoming more challenging, the company has been developing the hardware and software over the years to satisfy and surpass the changing performance needs.

Providing a wide internal analysis bandwidth that enables the characterisation of wideband components and communications systems, the device has also established its position at the forefront of 5G NR testing. Its measurement applications simplify and speed up in-depth analysis of the physical layer, permitting testing at higher frequencies and broader measurement bandwidths. Users can cover all the physical layer options selected in the standard with the best RF performance on the market.

With the new R&S FSW-B24U Enhanced Dynamic Front End upgrade, the company addresses the challenging needs for EVM performance in the mmWave range. The new R&S FSW43, R&S FSW50, and R&S FSW67 models now arrives with the enhancements as standard. The R&S FSW-B24U may also be ordered as an upgrade to many R&S FSW signal and spectrum analysers already in use.

By Natasha Shek