Vector network analyser family addresses applications in the mmWave range

27-06-2022 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz offers new models and options to the R&S ZNB vector network analyser family to manage applications in the mmWave range, including 5G at FR2 frequencies and applications in aerospace and defence in the Ka-band. The R&S ZNB26 offers network analysis up to 26.5GHz, and R&S ZNB43 extends the upper frequency of the midrange VNA family to 43.5GHz.

The new device has proved reliable for development and production network analysis applications. It is a leading instrument in the midrange class with ease of operation and a measurement performance that joins outstanding speed and dynamic range with temperature stability. The R&S ZNB26 extended the maximum frequency to 26.5GHz, and the R&S ZNB43 added a frequency range of 100kHz to 43.5GHz. The model was launched at the IMS2022.

The R&S ZNB43 is offered as two-port or four-port models, with two connector types, either 2.4mm or 2.92mm. It also provides optionally an extended power range and a second internal source. The R&S ZNB43 is ideal for characterisation of passive devices, including couplers, filters, and switches. When equipped with the second internal source, it becomes a versatile instrument for measurements of active devices, including mixers and amplifiers.

The devices enable users to keep track of measurement uncertainty in real-time, with integrated software options. The family also supports inline calibration units, which stay connected to the device under test throughout the test period. Inline calibration is crucial for tests in a thermal chamber, for example, on satellites or satellite components, or in multiport setups with large numbers of ports, where instead of a time-consuming reconnection of DUT cables, recalibration is decreased by simply pressing a button on the device.

By Natasha Shek