RISC-V embedded processing portfolio has new voice-control ASSP solution

Renesas Electronics Corporation has expanded its industry-leading RISC-V portfolio with the first RISC-V MCU developed for voice-controlled HMI systems. The new R9A06G150 32-bit AS

Semiconductors | 06-04-2023

Industrial MPU provides fast and accurate real-time control with EtherCAT communication

Renesas Electronics Corporation offers a new industrial MPU that supports the EtherCAT communication protocol, attaining high-speed, accurate real-time control for industrial syste

Semiconductors | 31-03-2023

MCU family expanded offering performance with features and value

Renesas Electronics Corporation has expanded its 32-bit RA family of MCUs with two new groups based on the Arm Cortex-M33 core with Arm TrustZone technology. The new 100MHz RA4E2 G

Semiconductors | 22-03-2023

First cloud-based system development tool to create IoT software

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a ground-breaking online, cloud-based IoT system design platform that allows users to graphically build hardware and software to valida

Industrial | 10-03-2023

Developing technologies for automotive communication gateway SoCs

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced that it has developed four technologies for SoC devices for in-vehicle communication gateways. These SoCs are expected to define autom

Semiconductors | 27-02-2023

Demo for full RF and digital front-end design for 5G active antenna systems

Renesas Electronics Corporation plans to showcase a full RF front end solution for 5G Active Antenna Systems (AAS) radios in collaboration with AMD. Paired with the field-proven AM

Industrial | 22-02-2023

New gate driver IC for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs driving EV inverters

Renesas Electronics Corporation offers a new gate driver IC created to drive high-voltage power devices such as IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs for EV inverters. Gate driver ICs are vital co

Semiconductors | 30-01-2023

New automotive IPD enables safe and flexible power distribution

Renesas Electronics Corporation offers a new automotive Intelligent Power Device (IPD) that safely and flexibly controls power distribution within vehicles, managing the needs of n

Power | 20-01-2023

Low-power MCU offers a small eight-pin package option

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a new general-purpose MCU in the low-power RL78 Family, with small package sizes aimed at 8-bit MCU applications. The versatile RL78/G1

Industrial | 18-01-2023

First Wi-Fi development kit with support for new Matter protocol

Renesas Electronics Corporation now offers its first development kit that comprises support for the new Matter protocol. The company also announced that it would provide Matter sup

Test & Measurement | 12-01-2023

Companies jointly develop tools suite R-Car SoCs

Renesas Electronics Corporation and Fixstars Corporation are jointly developing a suite of tools that enables optimisation and fast simulation of software for AD systems and ADAS s

Automotive & Transport | 06-01-2023

New programmable clock generator reduces board space

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released the VersaClock 7 clock generators, a family of configurable clock generators with an internal crystal oscillator for PCIe and networkin

Passives | 30-11-2022

Automotive radar transceivers offer high accuracy and low power consumption

Renesas Electronics Corporation enters the automotive radar market with the release of a 4x4-channel, 76-81GHz transceiver developed to satisfy the demanding needs of ADAS and Leve

Semiconductors | 21-11-2022

New power management IC ideal for automotive camera applications

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released an innovative automotive PMIC for next-generation automotive camera applications. The RAA271082 is an adaptable ISO-26262 compliant mul

Semiconductors | 03-11-2022