Secure eID solutions ensure personal identity documents remain secure

31-08-2023 | NXP | Software

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled the JCOP ID 2 secure eID solution, developed to help make personal identity documents more secure while complying with the most recent governmental conditions and supporting future changes. The solution includes advanced security features to help governments protect the lifespan of personal identity documents.

The solution supports a secure mechanism to maintain the documents while in use. This mechanism permits governments to deploy security updates and periodic assessments to maintain Common Criteria Certification without losing the user's personalised details.

The solution's new security elements include Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified match-on-card for facial and fingerprint user authentication. It also provides that documents will only need to be replaced after the expiry date, securing the full lifetime of the documents.

"Personal identity documents are how we authenticate ourselves to the world, and protecting that information is essential," said Christian Lackner, senior director Secure Payment and Identification, NXP. "The advanced security features of JCOP ID 2 help keep personal data secure with dedicated update functionality to adapt to changing security requirements, increasing its robustness against an ever-evolving threat landscape and enabling personal identity documents to remain secure throughout long validity periods. The integration of the latest biometric authentication methods like facial- and fingerprint-based authentication provides added security and flexibility for customers."

The solution can be employed with thin packaging and inductive coupling technologies, which can help increase flexibility to decrease cracks and, therefore, the necessity for early replacements. A large memory of up to 450KB is obtainable for applets and user data. The solution supplies ultra-low power consumption and rapid transaction times. It also delivers a SecureBox to speed up time to market with independent customer development, management and loading of assets, providing custom cryptographic algorithms and a native accelerator for non-standard protocols. The JCOP ID 2 is compliant with EU Regulation 2019/1157.


By Seb Springall

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