Cutting edge inductive position sensing now available

28-11-2023 | Melexis | Semiconductors

Melexis unveils the MLX90513. This inductive sensor IC with excellent accuracy is developed specifically for automotive pedal and steering applications. Thanks to the device, this cutting-edge technology is no longer reserved for a select audience. This ASIL C sensor interface provides on-chip digital signal processing for improved zero-delay performances.

The holy grail combines high accuracy and complete stray field immunity for many position-sensing applications.

The new position sensor delivers a ±0.1% full-scale accuracy (±0.36° in a rotary implementation with 360° range). Also, its sub-20µs latency, which can be lowered to zero through programming, means that a fast control loop can be implemented – resulting in superior system responsiveness being ensured. This inductive-based ASSP displays native immunity to stray electromagnetic fields (ISO 11452-8 standard requirements). At the same time, this sensor is not affected by thermal drift in sensitivity.

Output configurability enables position sensing data to be provided as analog ratiometric, PWM, SENT or SPC signals. This means output protocols relating to numerous different application criteria can be addressed. It is the only inductive position sensor on the market to have an SPC output. The option with 0.5µs tick time (fast SENT or SPC) is another differentiator, with no other inductive sensor currently able to deliver this. The ability to conduct pulse shaping in PWM, SENT and SPC modes proves invaluable since it reduces electromagnetic emission.

The importance of functional safety (ISO 26262) has been taken into account, with the sensor supporting up to ASIL D system integration. Additionally, the device can be used alongside the company's magnetic sensors to provide system redundancy, as these devices will not interfere with each other (by generating crosstalk).

The device is supplied in a compact TSSOP-16 package. A -40C to +160C working temperature range permits installation in challenging application environments. The three-phase coil arrangement employed improves linearity, thanks to harmonic filtering. The device's 32-point linearisation allows equalisation of angular non-linearity errors. Over-voltage and reverse polarity protection further underline its operational robustness. Thanks to inductive measurement methods, system implementations can be much more streamlined and integration is easier.

"Tier 1 suppliers want access to highly accurate position sensing technology," notes Lorenzo Lugani, product manager Inductive Sensors at Melexis. "Through our MLX90513 device, inductive position sensing solutions are available to a broader audience."

Typical applications include throttle/accelerator/brake pedal positioning, steering wheel angle positioning, valves or actuators angle positioning, and long stroke length linear applications (up to 30cm).


By Seb Springall

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