Tough chip-coating epoxy meets NASA low outgassing specifications

Formulated for a variety of electronics applications, Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2CCM is a multi-functional epoxy that is well suited for chip coating, glob top and die attach appli

Products | 23-02-2016

Thermally-conductive electrically-insulative silicone meets NASA low-outgassing spec

Master Bond has announced its MasterSil 972TC-LO passes the rigorous requirements for low outgassing as per ASTM E595 specifications. It is particularly well suited to use in vacuu

Design & Manufacture | 24-11-2015

Epoxy with ultra-low thermal resistance and superior insulation properties

Featuring special high thermal conductive fillers, Master Bond EP48TC is a new two-part epoxy paste that can be applied in bond lines as thin as 10-15 microns. The material offers

Products | 08-04-2015