Power module family enables applications in photovoltaic string inverters

Infineon Technologies AG has added EasyPACK 4B to its industry-leading Easy power module family. The lead-type of the new family targets applications in photovoltaic string inverte

Power | 28-11-2022

New audio amplifiers feature multilevel switching amplifier technology

MERUS multilevel switching technology from Infineon Technologies AG is created to provide low switching losses and highly efficient amplification at low and high output power, obta

Semiconductors | 24-11-2022

First PFC and hybrid flyback combo IC for mobile and battery-powered devices

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the novel XDP digital power XDPS2221. This highly integrated combo controller IC for USB-PD supports high power designs in wide input and ou

Power | 22-11-2022

First hot-swap controller with a programmable digital SOA control for data centres

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the XDP XDP710 digital controller, the first member of its intelligent hot-swap controller and protection IC family. The hot-swap and system

Semiconductors | 16-11-2022

New current sensor family for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies AG has added the new XENSIV TLE4971 family to its current sensor portfolio for automotive applications. The 3.3V devices are the next generation offered in a

Test & Measurement | 10-11-2022

New CMOS transceiver MMIC offers high performance for automotive radar

Infineon Technologies AG released the world‘s first 77GHz automotive radar chip based on SiGe in 2009. Today, it announced the RASIC CTRX8181 transceiver – its next innovation rada

Semiconductors | 08-11-2022

Expanded Flash memory and GPIO supports fifth-generation touch sensors

Infineon Technologies AG has released the new PSoC 4100S Max family. It offers expanded Flash memory and GPIO for next-generation HMI applications to support the fifth-generation C

Test & Measurement | 07-11-2022

MOSFET addresses high-power lighting and industrial SMPS applications

Infineon Technologies has created a new CoolMOS PFD7 high-voltage MOSFET family, offering a new benchmark in 950V SJ technology. The new 950V series combines excellent performance

Industrial | 02-11-2022

New connected sensor kit delivers an IoT sensors platform

Infineon Technologies AG has released the XENSIV CSK, a new IoT sensor platform for rapidly prototyping and developing customised IoT solutions. "Combining sensors, microcontroller

Test & Measurement | 31-10-2022

Hearing car offers reliable detection of emergency vehicle sirens

Infineon Technologies AG is working with Cerence Inc to create a solution based on automotive-qualified XENSIV MEMS microphones (IM67D130A) from Infineon and Cerence Emergency Vehi

Test & Measurement | 26-10-2022

New single-stage flyback controller for battery charging applications

Infineon Technologies AG has extended its offering of AC-DC controller ICs by releasing the ICC80QSG single-stage PWM controller for flyback topologies. The IC is developed for bat

Semiconductors | 29-09-2022

Integrated power stages expand fixed-frequency portfolio

In the 5th generation fixed-frequency (FF) CoolSET portfolio, Infineon Technologies AG, provides the right components to effectively manage critical design trade-offs. The new 800V

Power | 27-09-2022

The future of payments via wearables to smart speakers

Infineon Technologies AG offers the most important trends for the future of payments: digital wallets and payments via connected devices in the IoT and biometrics. Infineon provide

New Technologies | 17-08-2022

Secured NFC tags prevent counterfeiting and enhance brand experience

Infineon Technologies AG provides secured NFC tags that satisfy high-security demands for proving authenticity. The NFC4TCxxx tag incorporates an open standard security architectur

New Technologies | 08-08-2022