Edge MCUs are first devices designed to meet the new PSA Level 4 certification

22-04-2024 | Infineon | Semiconductors

Infineon Technologies AG announced that its new PSOC Edge E8x MCU product family has been designed to fulfil the highest certification level provided by the PSA Certified program, a framework for embedded security. The PSA Certified Level 4 device certification is targeted by implementing an on-chip, hardware-isolated enclave that supplies secured boot, key storage and crypto operations in all PSOC Edge E8x devices.

“By aspiring to achieve this robust embedded security certification, IoT designers for edge applications such as wearables and smart home applications can be confident their products can achieve highest levels of security,” said Erik Wood, senior director product security for IoT, Computer and Wireless business, Infineon Technologies. “Integrating hardware security on the MCU also unlocks new edge computing markets such as printers and payment terminals that previously required discrete security chips. As a security leader, we are committed to enabling designers to reach the highest level of security for all applications.”

PSA Certified is a security framework that Arm and industry partners established in 2019. It supplies design guidelines and independent security evaluations through third-party labs to ensure all connected devices are built upon a Root of Trust. PSA-certified certifications accomplished by an MCU extend through the value chain, enabling device builders and application providers to reuse that certification as they deploy products in the field.

“Connected device security is critical to scaling IoT deployments, and something that Arm and its ecosystem is committed to continuing to drive through initiatives like PSA Certified,” said David Maidment, senior director, Secure Devices Ecosystem at Arm. “We applaud Infineon’s ongoing commitment to robust device security by striving to achieve PSA Certified Level 4 iSE/SE for its new family of MCUs.”


By Seb Springall

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