New top-side cooling package for power MOSFETs enables highest efficiency

08-04-2024 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the SSO10T TSC package with OptiMOS MOSFET technology. With its direct top-side cooling concept, the package delivers excellent thermal performance. This eliminates heat transfer into or through the PCB of the automotive electronic control unit. The package enables a simple, compact, double-sided PCB design, minimising cooling requirements and system costs for future automotive power designs. Therefore, the SSO10T TSC is well suited for EPS, EMB, power distribution, BLDC, safety switches, reverse battery, and DC-DC converters.

The device has a 5mm x 7mm² footprint based on the established industry standard SSO8, a robust 5mm x 6mm² housing. However, its top-side cooling offers more than 20% and up to 50% higher performance than the standard SSO8 – depending on the thermal interface (TIM) material and the TIM thickness. The package is JEDEC-listed for the open market and supplies wide second-source compatibility. As a result, the package can be introduced quickly and easily as the future standard for top-side cooling.

The SSO10T package allows a compact PCB design and lessens the system footprint. It also reduces the cooling design cost by eradicating vias, resulting in lower overall system costs and design effort. At the same time, the housing delivers high power density and efficiency, supporting the development of future-proof and sustainable vehicles.

The first 40 V automotive MOSFET products with SSO10T now available are the IAUCN04S6N007T, IAUCN04S6N009T, IAUCN04S6N013T, and IAUCN04S6N017T.


By Seb Springall

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