Compact new high-current single-circuit storage battery connector

New from Hirose is a high-power, single-circuit (position) cable connector supporting 150A for storage battery applications. The PS3C Series is designed with a highly-reliable blad

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 04-06-2015

New compression-mount 2.4mm coaxial connector

Latest from Hirose is a compression-mounted 2.4mm coaxial connector aimed at applications such as lab equipment, test equipment, characterization boards, and high-speed backplane

Products | 21-04-2015

High-power wire-to-wire connector system for industrial and medical applications

A new high-power wire-to-wire connector system for industrial and medical applications, the EM12M Series has been developed by Hirose. The single position, snap-in lock power co

Products | 09-04-2015

New front-access hybrid plug-in connector simplifies interconnection

Hirose has enhanced its industrial power connector family with the new PS3F Series of low-profile, front-access hybrid connector that allows mating / un-mating of power and signa

Products | 25-03-2015

New automotive rooftop antenna connector eases installation

Hirose has developed a small wire-to-board connector that significantly reduces the installation time of automotive rooftop antennas. The multi-terminal GT36 Series connector pro


Automotive-grade connector provides high pin count from a small footprint

New from Hirose is the compact GT8E Series of internal wire-to-board or wire-to-wire interface connectors that can handle demanding automotive conditions. The GT8E Series connect

Products | 29-01-2015

Miniature wire-to-board connector for high-power LED lighting applications

A new low-profile wire-to-board connector suitable for use in high-power LED lighting applications, the DF59M Series has been introduced by Hirose. The single-pole DF59M Series

Products | 23-01-2015

Highly-reliable long-life 18-position docking connector offers 20,000 mating cycles

Latest from Hirose Electric is a rugged connector that combines small size and light weight with high reliability and long operating life. The compact 3800 Series connector is de

Products | 14-01-2015