Hirose -I/O connector designed for next-generation industrial modules

05-06-2018 | Hirose | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Hirose has increased its rugged ix Industrial Series product with an insulation displacement connector (IDC) plug assembly for faster installation and a 'B' Key version for non-Ethernet applications. The series blends a small, robust design with high-speed data transmission capabilities that allows industrial equipment advancements in smart manufacturing. The series connector decreases installation space by up to 75% compared to RJ45 solutions, and up to 28% compared to competing snap-in I/O connectors. Supporting CAT5e and CAT6a (10G) cabling, the connector highlights an optimised EMI/ESD shielding design for safe and secure data transmission up to 10Gbps. Offered with two keying codes for Ethernet and non-Ethernet applications, the connector is compliant with IEC PAS 61076-3-124. The series can be used as a next-generation standard connector in equipment such as industrial robotics, factory automation controllers, programmable logic controllers, servo amps, servers, security systems, robotics and more. "We expanded the ix Industrial Series offering to meet customer requests. The IDC version significantly decreases customer installation time by up to 50% due to the reduction in wire stripping, twisting and soldering. The B Key version meets the needs of rugged, non-Ethernet applications that require high-speed performance in a compact design. Moreover, the A Key type is well suited for daisy-chaining in open network connection applications," said Bill Kysiak, product marketing manager for Hirose Electric USA. "The ix Industrial Series continues to provide an innovative, flexible and space-saving design that can facilitate a significant size reduction of industrial machine vision modules."

By Electropages Admin