Integrated VRM power stage provides up to 140A peak

19-07-2023 | Flex Power Module | Power

Flex Power Modules release its new BMR511, a two-phase power stage for VRM solutions. With a footprint of only 0.9cm2/0.14in2 and a height of 8mm/0.31in, the halogen-free device is offered with LGA or solder-bump terminations and is optimised for bottom-side cooling to complement the previously announced BMR510 which is optimised for top-side cooling. The module operates over a 5-15V input range and produces an adjustable 0.5-1.8V output, set by a user-defined external controller via tri-state PWM inputs. Each device can supply a current of 80A continuous total and 140A peak, at high efficiency peaking at 94.5%, while parts can be directly paralleled for even higher current outputs. The input voltage range makes the module compatible with several unregulated front-end Intermediate Bus Converters, which operate with typical input to output ratios of 3:1 up to 7:1.

The operating temperature range is -40C to 125C on a defined reference point, and the company supplies comprehensive thermal derating data for various airflow rates and cold plate/host board temperatures. The two power stage phases can be separately enabled/disabled, and the part provides feedback to the external controller of device temperature and individual phase currents. Fault reporting and over-current protection is included.

“The BMR511 is ideal as a VRM power stage for AI applications,” comments David Xie, director R&D and product management, China of Flex Power Modules. “The tiny form factor and high peak power rating perfectly match the power rail requirements of modern CPUs, GPUs, IPUs and high-performance ASICs.”


By Seb Springall

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