Constant voltage PMICs for intermittent input energy harvesting arrangements

e-peas has released three new PMICs, providing product developers with even greater scope to implement their energy harvesting systems. The innovative engineering breakthroughs of

Semiconductors | 14-04-2022

Ultra-compact custom power management solution for solar energy harvesting watch

e-peas has announced the completion of a significant project for Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches Cartier. Cartier’s new addition to its Tank watch collection is helping long-t

Power | 27-01-2022

Industry’s first energy harvesting optimised antenna

Intending to offer a complete set of all the necessary components needed for RF energy harvesting, e-peas has now added an antenna solution to its growing product portfolio. The an

Passives | 11-01-2022

Ultra-efficient battery chargers for wearable and smart sensor products

Meeting the demand for streamlined power management solutions for energy harvesting hardware, e-peas has released a new family of battery charger devices. While the company’s exist

Power | 08-07-2021

Versatile new buck-boost ICs for highly efficient energy harvesting

E-peas offers two new devices adding complementary features to earlier released products. The AEM10330 and AEM30330 PMICs differentiate themselves from the competition through thei

Semiconductors | 25-06-2021

Joint solution enables non-stop zero-maintenance operation of IoT devices

Sequans Communications and e-peas have a demonstration of a joint solution. This solution connects e-peas’ AEM energy harvesting IC with Sequans’ Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT platform to p

Semiconductors | 13-01-2021

PMICs designed into air pollution monitoring hardware

IoT solutions provider MCCI has included the e-peas AEM10941, which specifically targets solar-powered implementations, into a new environmental sensor module that it is to start d

Semiconductors | 27-10-2020

Thermal energy harvesting IC extends battery lifetime in wireless applications

e-peas AEM20940 Thermal Energy Harvesting IC, available now from Mouser, is an integrated Ambient Energy Manager that extracts DC power from a thermoelectric generator, at the same

Semiconductors | 22-09-2020

Innovative energy harvesting platform based on induction

E-peas continues to innovate in the energy harvesting sector - this time through cooperation with TCT. By bringing together TCT’s engineering expertise in ferromagnetic cores with

Power | 09-09-2020

Industry-leading energy harvesting technology enables accurate animal tracking

Highlighting the tremendous application potential of the company’s advanced PMICs, e-peas has confirmed that its AEM10941 devices for photovoltaic energy harvesting are being inclu

Products | 29-04-2019

Ultra-low power technology applied to thermally-based energy harvesting

e-peas has introduced a new power management IC specifically optimised for energy harvesting from thermal sources in wireless sensors application. Provided in a space-saving 28

Products | 28-02-2019

New technology enables more effective energy harvesting

Following its arrival on the power semiconductor scene earlier this year, e-peas has announced commercial availability of its first IC. The AEM10940 utilizes the company’s unique p

New Technologies | 28-09-2016