Ultra-low power technology applied to thermally-based energy harvesting

28-02-2019 | e-peas | Semiconductors

e-peas has introduced a new power management IC specifically optimised for energy harvesting from thermal sources in wireless sensors application.

Provided in a space-saving 28-pin QFN package, the AEM20940 is a highly advanced device based on proprietary technology that is able to extract available input current up to levels of 110mA. Taking DC power from a connected TEG, it can supervise the storing of energy in a rechargeable element and at the same time supply energy to the system via two different regulated voltages. This is done through its built-in low noise, high stability 1.2/1.8V and 2.5/3.3V LDO voltage regulators. The lower voltage can be applied for driving the system microcontroller, while the higher voltage is designed for the RF transceiver.

“Having a thermal energy harvesting solution to add to our portfolio is a significant step forward for the company, as we look to establish ourselves as the leading IC manufacturer in the rapidly maturing energy harvesting sector, offering the most complete and innovative PMIC products,” explains Geoffroy Gosset, co-founder and CEO of e-peas. “It means that our clients will be able to design IoT systems that can efficiently extract energy from their surrounding environment whatever the available sources.”

Typical applications considered for the device are in industrial process monitoring, HVAC and predictive maintenance.

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