Crowd Supply

Open-source vehicle hacking platform for connecting to a vehicle CAN bus

Crowd Supply has announced the launch of board::mini, an open-source platform developed specifically for connecting to a vehicle’s CAN bus. The platform is an STM32F103 MCU board t

Automotive & Transport | 13-04-2021

Customisable e-ink watch with open source hardware and software

Crowd Supply has announced the launch of Watchy, a minimalistic E-Ink watch with various cases to select from, including bare-bones PCB, injection-moulded plastic case, and anodise

Design & Manufacture | 15-02-2021

Easy-to-use open-source hardware hacking tool now available

Crowd Supply has successfully launched Tigard, an open-source, multi-protocol, multi-voltage tool for hardware hacking. Tigard is versatile and simple to use, consolidating support

Design & Manufacture | 27-01-2021

3D printer makes printing more accessible than ever before

Crowd Supply has announced the launch of the Lite3DP S1 resin micro 3D Printer. The printer is based on an Arduino board and uses mask stereolithography (MSLA) technology to delive

Subs & Systems | 26-11-2020