High power shunt resistors offer accurate measurement in high current applications

Bourns, Inc has released an extension to its Model CSM2F Series power shunt resistor portfolio, adding 12 new series. These new series provide riveted through-hole metal sensing pi

Passives | 14-10-2022

High-power fuse series designed to ISO 8820-8 standards

Bourns, Inc has announced a new high-power fuse model series. The company specifically designed the POWrFuse Model PF-K Series to meet ISO 8820-8 standards for protecting high-volt

Passives | 31-08-2022

Expanded high-power fuse family designed to meet UL 248-13 standard

Bourns, Inc has expanded the its POWrFuse High-Power Fuse product family. The two new models PF-F and PF-M series are high power rating industrial fuse links specially created to m

Passives | 08-07-2022

High current shielded power inductors offer enhanced mechanical strength

Bourns, Inc offers two new automotive-grade high current shielded power inductor series that provides enhanced mechanical strength for harsh vibration application environments. The

Passives | 25-02-2022

Automotive-grade power inductor series has high-temperature ratings

Bourns, Inc. has released its automotive-grade Model SRN6045HA power inductor series. These new inductors provide semi-shielded construction to consolidate the features of non-shie

Passives | 16-08-2021

New chip inductor series offers a high Q value in a miniature size

Bourns, Inc has announced the CWF1610 and CWF2414 Chip Inductor Series. These inductors use wire-wound construction on a ferrite core to provide high values of inductance, Q values

Passives | 10-08-2021

New non-contacting feedback rotary sensor with SSI output

Bourns, Inc has announced its latest non-contacting feedback rotary sensor that features SSI output giving effective synchronisation in closed-loop control systems. This single-tur

Test & Measurement | 06-05-2021

Hybrid position sensor for harsh environment RS-485-based applications

Bourns, Inc has introduced an innovative hybrid position sensor for RS-485-based applications in particularly harsh environments. Created to satisfy the specifications of heavy-dut

Test & Measurement | 04-05-2021

Rotary potentiometer model series offers additional design options

Bourns Inc has three new rotary potentiometer model series that offer enhanced features and multiple new design options. The Model PRS11R Rotary Metal Shaft Potentiometer series, M

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 22-04-2021

Chip arrays are AEC-Q200 compliant and sulfur-resistant

Bourns has announced several new AEC-Q200 compliant thick film chip resistor array model families. The company designed the new surface-mount model CATxxA-LF, CAYxxA-LF and CAYxxA-

Passives | 16-04-2021

New high-temperature rated polymer PTCs deliver low resistance

Bourns, Inc has added a new model series to its Multifuse PPTC resettable fuse product line. The new Bourns Multifuse MF-MSHT models are high temperature rated, automotive grade AE

Passives | 04-03-2021

Rotary encoder series offers an enhanced ingress protection level

Bourns has released its Absolute Rotary Encoder. Featuring an IP64 shaft seal rating that produces an enhanced IP level and an excellent rotational feel, the Bourns Model PAC18R Se

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 26-02-2021

Polymer PTC products meet protection requirements for higher current

Bourns has announced the expansion of its line of Multifuse high-temperature rated surface mount PPTC resettable fuse products. The new Bourns Multifuse MF-FSHT model family is cre

Passives | 11-12-2020

Common mode chip inductors provide optimal noise suppression solutions

Bourns has introduced a new CANbus Common Mode Chip Inductor series. The new AEC-Q200 compliant inductors provide a ferrite core with a bifilar-wound construction that gives high i

Passives | 05-08-2020