New high-performance DC surge protective device series

17-07-2023 | Bourns | Power

Bourns, Inc has launched a high-performance DC Surge Protective Device (SPD) Series. The Bourns Model 1420A Series SPDs are a new family of DIN Rail general duty SPDs with pluggable/replaceable modules providing surge rates up to 50kA in different configurations. The company specifically developed its Model 1420A Series SPDs to fulfil high-risk electrical service entrance and branch panel protection necessities of high power, sensitive energy generation and distribution terminals such as EV fast chargers, battery energy storage systems and photovoltaic energy generation systems.

Sustained abnormal overvoltage high-energy surges may cause SPDs and/or MOVs to go into a thermal runaway condition, leading to the device overheating and creating a fire hazard. For this reason, its latest SPD products feature an Advanced Thermal Disconnector (TD+) with a self-extinguishing mechanism that helps improve device safety during catastrophic end-of-life events. These new SPDs come with a further window fault indicator and remote auxiliary output signal, which supplies the ability to monitor the device's status.

The series is available now and is RoHS-compliant. This series is a UL-recognised Type 4, Type 2 Location SPD and complies with IEC 61643-31 standards.


By Seb Springall