High voltage two-electrode GDT series for powerline equipment protection

14-08-2023 | Bourns | Power

Bourns, Inc has added to its next-generation GDT product line by introducing a high-voltage two-electrode overvoltage protector family. The Bourns Model GDT28H Series is created to fulfil the protection demands of today's powerline equipment for general industrial use while also meeting the fast-growing necessity for solutions in the electrification of energy demand, catering to consumer and commercial use.

As an increasing range of electrical and electronic equipment is needed to meet electrical safety standards such as the IEC 62368-1, one notable advantage of the new series is its suitability for AC isolation solutions. This is accomplished through its extended operating voltage range, high insulation resistance, and heightened surge rate. These features give designers a space-saving solution that delivers the same level of protection as a larger component. The series provides a wider operating temperature range, making it ideal for applications in certain harsh conditions.

"Our Model GDT28H Series leverages Bourns' latest developments in GDT technology, enabling our customers to meet industry requirements for electrical safety across an ever-broadening variety of AC applications and appliances that can also benefit from its long service life," said David Chavarría, GDT/SPD product line manager at Bourns. "We designed this next-generation series with features that deliver exceptional value to our customers, making it the preferred solution for general surge and isolation applications."

The new two-electrode high voltage GDTs are available now and are RoHS compliant and UL recognised.

By Seb Springall